Overstocked Restaurant Supplies is a multi-vendor marketplace that connects restaurant customers, operators and distributors. Buyers get the best deals on the supplies they need, and distributors find a solution for excess inventory.

Overstocked Restaurant Supplies was created with three goals in mind:

  1. Offer restaurant operators a comprehensive site to find great deals on supplies
  2. Provide a solution for distributors looking to sell excess inventory
  3. Create a direct, secure, and efficient marketplace to facilitate sales

Driven by over forty-two years of experience in the food industry, Overstocked Restaurant Supplies was created by insiders to address the unique challenges faced by distributors and their customers.

Overstocked Restaurant Supplies allows distributors to easily move overstock, b-stock, and returns without compromising current sales channels. Simultaneously, it provides restaurant owners and operators with great deals on quality products.

To learn more about buying, selling and our unique marketplace, visit our FAQ.